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This week's chat

August 20, 2013 Transcript of this week’s #commschat on brand crises and reputation

Last night we discussed the issues facing brands who have suffered serious crises or continue to be involved in scandals.

We had a huge number of tweetchat responses to our queries, with contributors discussing brand crisis, the qualities a brand needs to recover, damaged reputation and the importance of internal as well as external comms.

Here are a few highlights from the debate:


  •  @RachelCDailey blackberry denied the existence of iphone, anyone who cant acknowledged competitors cant handle competitors
  •  @Maxim_PR Leaving customers without usable phones and lack of comms during period – you don’t think that was wrong?
  •  @jenandersson1 T3 ethical behaviour and #csr very strong pillar of reputation building. Very important to integrate throughout business
  •  @Maxim_PR T4: Brands need to be genuine to recover from a poor reputation – demonstrate that things are changing, that customers matter 
  •  @EmilyJHowells think of tesco horse meat! “what burgers taught us” admit fault, be open and honest, set direction move forward & achieve it!
Take a look at the full hour:

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