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March 10, 2015 Transcript of employer brand management #CommsChat continued…


  1. do you get much work partnering with a rec mkg agency? I’ve never come across that before

  2. Indeed,which is why the partnership model between brand and Rec agency works so well to deliver the whole hog

  3. not too many that have strength in IC & Candidate Attraction

  4. I’ve encountered these agencies, but EB & corp brand are intrinsic so a good working knowledge of both is vital.

  5. historically been driven by recruitment

  6. be more re-positioning over next couple of years by many as People Comms Agencies to try get larger slice of work

  7. Absolutely!marriage made in heaven. Employers increasingly want to own their recruitment so need a strong EVP /EB

  8. I think there will be a shift in this as especially in onboarding brand savvy millennials

  9. Having worked at a internal comms & a recruitment marketing agency, it’s quite interesting to see blurring of edges over EVP

  10. Interesting chat. Thanks all. 35 mins for Arsenal to win the FA cup

  11. Thanks. Great I’ll try to join in again next week.

  12. That’s all from me, goodnight, and a big thank you to our guests from and

  13. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  14. With a hefty compliant-led structure though. Filled with a lot of smart people.

  15. T5 – get a discussion going with staff on a draft version of the values first. Get their input

  16. Very interesting – now to go and celebrate the last few hours of my birthday

  17. understanding its purpose and the objectives banks for example need to evoke trust and build reputation

  18. Johnson & Johnson – check out their Credo – embedded in everything they do

  19. If you are interested in employer brand management take our survey:

  20. I’ll try to remember to give you an update

  21. : alignment to objectives/annual review – measures drive behaviours 🙂

  22. Seriously tho, I’d like to know how successful it is. It certainly says ‘we practice what we preach’

  23. the ability to attract great people into the business and retaining the stars you already have

  24. Can you cite any good examples of companies doing this well

  25. And of course, via ‘s naughty leaders hotline! ; )

  26. Culture needs to live and breathe, but needs to be believable and aspirational too.

  27. Engagement surveys and staff retention are key indicators

  28. Retention figures, quality of new talent, behavioural change, anecdotally, engagement surveys.

  29. Absolutely. The purpose needs to live first then is driven down from the top.

  30. Or rather will be doing it this month via a dedicated email with answers to be put on Intranet

  31. T6: How can you effectively measure the results of your employer brand strategy?

  32. I agree but in an authentic and sharing way and not just broadcasting, peer to peer advocacy works

  33. Even your office can say something about your employer brand

  34. Already doing it 😉

  35. totally agree – the employee voice is really key – they have to feel part of it/ownership

  36. yes, a certain amount of transparency and honesty is crucial, helped by strong comms strategies

  37. comms should be meaningful and relevant to the real people in the business, so they relate and understand the role they play

  38. Put a channel in place for employees to “whistle blow” when they think the management team hasn’t stuck to a value

  39. should regularly show employees how they are embodying brand values. Share success and best practice

  40. Actions from the top and consistency .

  41. definitely, frequently a company will have a list of values that nobody knows

  42. I am not sure that the basics change that much. If senior people don’t live what they talk about it won’t work

  43. Yes! Too often, companies focus solely on ‘what’ and ‘how’. ‘Why’ is a cultural game changer.

  44. : How should you communicate brand values and company culture to your employees? ” authentic peer2peer/client stories

  45. Values should come straight from the top (CEO or equivalent) in the first instance

  46. Are there variables depending on sector?

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