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November 9, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Vikki Chowney

On Monday we were delighted to welcome Vikki Chowney, acting news editor at Econsultancy, for a session on hiring and firing. It was a great session, with lots of interesting contributions from the #CommsChat community on the right time to work with PR agencies and how relationships with clients can go wrong.

You can download a full transcript below, but I’ve pulled out a few tweets that caught my eye during the session. Make sure you take a look at the transcript though – there’s a lot of great content in there!

@vikkichowney: Q1. As a business, how do you know if you’re ready for PR?

@AdamVincenzini: A1: I don’t think businesses have the luxury to choose…in like it or not (if I understand the question correctly) […] it is very difficult to tell your story ‘entirely’ on your terms…impossible actually

@jgombita: Per @terryflynn, “Public relations is valuable, but not valued”

@greenwellys: Neutrality, strategic understand of media & *hopefully* social media, content strategy, issues management, data

>>>>> @vikkichowney: Q2 What could you be missing if you don’t involve a pro?

@patrickjpr: I’m a believer that many companies (esp SMEs) could do PR themselves, but are missing time, experience or confidence

@kariowers: with the right PR help start ups can fly. Small agencies can work in partnership/grow with you. Be a success story together.

@markpinsent: Often the little things, getting the basics wrong. More clients upset by poor written work than lack of results!

>>>>>> @vikkichowney Q4 What are the things that lead to the loss of a client?

You can access the full transcript here: 7 November Vikki Chowney. #CommsChat will be back on 14 November with a slightly different format to the usual – stay tuned for more details!

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