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October 6, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Samaritans & Vodafone UK

On Monday’s #CommsChat we were joined by Nicola Peckett, head of communications at Samaritans, and Jakub Hrabovsky, head of web relations at Vodafone UK, for a session looking at creative brand communications on Facebook.

Samaritans has set up a partnership with Facebook, so that users who are worried about a friend online can report their concerns to Facebook, utilising its unique position in the charity landscape to get positive results for the people who need its help. For Vodafone, Facebook is a site for multiple campaigns, including its World of Difference UK programme.

A full transcript can be downloaded below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour:

@Sams_Nicola: I think new media is so new that we just don’t know all the pitfalls yet – at Samaritans we deal with the worst end result

@JakubH: @greenwellys HI, depends on the campaign but we’d usually measure engagement and sentiment for light engagement campaigns

>>>>>>> @greenwellys: If tactical stuff is working well, what are the key ROI metrics that Vodafone uses in Facebook to ensure that?

@PaulCTayla: Brands are scratching the surface if only Fbook & Twitter. Need to stay ahead, @percolate is an exciting new player

@spirals: behaviour change as an ROI from comms is a huge challenge whatever your theme

@DipikaKulkarni: V true @spirals & often when supporters take up a cause they will become very vocal and passionate about it.

You can read the transcript at: 3 October Vodafone UK and Samaritans. Details of next week’s #CommsChat will be up soon.

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