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October 9, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat with Richard Torrenzano on Digital Assassination

On 8 October, we were joined by Richard Torrenzano, CEO of the Torrenzano Group and co-author of Digital Assassination. We discussed digital security and vulnerability.

Here are some tweets that stood out during the hour:
@D_Assassination DA begins w/a willful act by someone who wishes to do harm through the internet

@SteveJDownes nothing new in brand assassination, one time they’d stand outside your store with a placard. Just travels further now.

@JHDavidsonPR Scary thing is facts don’t need to be correct- people tweet what they want w/out responsibility for actions

@wadds Tools? An internet connection is all you need. Then pick you weapon… FB, G+, Twitter, blog, corporate web site

@D_Assassination Today cyber attacks are equally reputation attacks

@SteveJDownes Oil companies don’t care about their consumer rep. Do you know where Tesco petrol comes from. They care about the legislators.


You can read the full transcript below:

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