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November 29, 2011 Transcript of CommsChat with Richard Bailey

On Monday 28 November, CommsChat took the theme of learning and was led by public relations educator Richard Bailey, academic, lecturer, and editor of Behind the Spin.

We were pleased to welcome some new faces to #CommsChat including a fair few students. In total, the contributions resulted in 58 pages of transcript which can be found below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.

@JessYeoman: Those in degrees are being taught about comms right now! They can add value to practitioners

@The_Giff: The social media world is evolving & so are ways of communication. “young pups” can bring fresh ideas for this

@behindthespin: One lesson is that you never stop learning. Another is the connection between comms and teaching (we are natural educators).

@LauraToader: A degree is a good foundation. However, someone could be an excellent storyteller without necessarily being intellectual…

@LizBridgen: some of our interns have ended up running training sessions for their placement hosts!

@mitchellfriedmn: Students may know technology, any worthwhile instructor will provide context, framework

@behindthespin: In my lifetime, school leaving age has risen from 14 to in effect 24. In another lifetime, what, 44? Never stop learning.

@amandacomms: with restricted budgets the use of online and good practice sharing is the way forward

@behindthespin: Two smart practitioner books this year are by@sheldrake and @kdpaine. On measurement and influence NB@michaelwhite1


You can read the transcript at: November 22 with Richard Bailey

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