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January 11, 2012 Transcript of CommsChat with James Wilkins

On Monday 9 January, #CommsChat looked at how events can bring brands to life in front of an audience.

We were joined by James Wilkins, joint MD at Logistik, which works on comms, events, campaigns and brand experiences for companies such as Natwest, M&S, and Yorkshire Water. Logistik also worked on the experiential campaign behind the launch of the new Ford Focus in 2011, which took in competitions over social media, live music, and multi-platform marketing – you can see content from the launch at

This was the first #CommsChat of 2012 and it featured discussion on the use of events for internal comms, the use of social media in the planning and execution of brand experiences and the pitfalls to be wary of in events for a brand.

The full transcript can be seen below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.

@AdamAzor Whats important with experiential, is like any other marketing disciple, it has to the right to way to answer the brief.

@LogistikGroup also I believe in low tech even no tech. strip it back, get good at storytelling and truly engaging
@VivAmsterdam We all know, first thing employees want to know is: what does this mean for me?

@AdamAzor Social & I would say specifically social interaction via mobile has been one of the most exciting integrations into experiential

@LogistikGroup also remember it is often not what u say but how u feel about what u say


You can read the transcript at January 9 with James Wilkins

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