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June 17, 2014 Transcript of #CommsChat with EVCOM board candidates

Last night #CommsChat was hosted by candidates for the @EVCOMUK board. @marcoevcom led the discussion which covered everything from the expectations placed upon communications professionals, to current and future trends in the industry. The board’s ambitions and the new face of EVCOM were also topical.

  • @ElizabethMKit I see more journalists willing & interested to connect via social media. 2nd, digital skills are now required.
  • @avisionuk  There is already a big trend with clients to measure effectiveness and this is made ever cheaper
  • @marcoevcom  recent research (i hate the statement) shows that Gen Y trust 3rd parties more than friends and family e.g. trip adviser
  • @RandomFlopsy New board needs to find more creative ways to attract new members and explain benefit of new look Evcom
  • @avisionuk I don’t think the merger will shape the industry it is a re shaped industry that shaped the merger

To read the whole conversation:

  1. . This link shows 6 cool ways companies used Google Plus Hangouts. Neat stuff, lots of ideas.

  2. have momentary wifi. Thanks and all for what (from a brief glance) looks like an interesting chat!

  3. If you would like to connect with me, please feel free to connect via LinkedIn. Mention you’re from

  4. Fab … Thanks for letting me in. Keep in touch!

  5. : Some interesting points raised and discussed tonight ” agreed gutted we missed the first 55 minutes

  6. It works I mentor a couple of young directors for IOD and I get as much from it as they do

  7. Positive stuff, guys. Lets turn these words into actions. Good luck to all those running. I am sure you will do this us proud.

  8. Some interesting points raised and discussed tonight

  9. Thank you all for a great chat and my 1st visit to .

  10. sometimes the best help is helping the members understand their customers, or the wider market

  11. we do webcasts through them. Worth testing out as depends what you want to achieve

  12. Almost the end of a huge thanks to everyone and some really great points tonight. Hope to see you all next week.

  13. I advocate mentor scheme via Those new to industry seriously benefit whilst experienced review/revisit self.

  14. done well hangouts are great. I love them as I have had great experiences.

  15. i’ve not jumped in that pond yet but will give it a go.

  16. This is a great opportunity to build the org we all want, please take our time & get it right

  17. Exactly. The depth in our expertise will help us adapt messages targeting those who need it most

  18. The board must attend events and be at the end of the phone for members to talk to – be approachable

  19. shouldn’t we also use some of the tools we use with our clients – virtual events, etc?!

  20. Research / surveys are often a fairly painless method. A good way to gauge member attitudes.

  21. Help clients get ‘your world’.Sign them up to Broadcast,take them to Bafta briefings – then help them draw parallels

  22. To start by spending some time with the members. I’m great at telling people what they want, but perhaps it’s time to listen

  23. Guy that is an essential point EVCOM have to be out there talking to industry members and understanding issues

  24. Be thought leaders, show value in depth and breadth of thinking. Encourage sector specialists

  25. Are we allowed to network and share personal links in the last few minutes?

  26. hi Guy good point. as Boad members how will you ensure we are reaching out to members and our wider community?

  27. you’re a great advocate, an informed client, commissioner & comms prof – how do we spread that enthusiasm & insight?

  28. I think the best place to start is to ask the members what they actually want & try to engage an honest response.

  29. Show your passion.1st place I look when meeting suppliers is twitter – a backstage pass to your expertise

  30. I believe it IS the same in any sector. Transparency and clear communication is critical to success.

  31. So guys; what do we change about our approach to ‘associations’ that will make us different from the rest?

  32. building relationships has to be the way – trust takes time

  33. what can do to help our industry overcome this challenge?

  34. is becoming trusted advisor the same across all sectors? Transparency? Clear communication & building relationships?

  35. competence in comms is assumed to be there for senior managers . It is an art to point out they might be poor !

  36. True. Fair statement…. but with good writing, any sound bite from a press release will be solid.

  37. Q2: greater pooling/sharing of skills, influence, access to people – and with a few cost savings thrown in?

  38. we did some research (from client side looking internally) where they lack most was guile and confidence !

  39. Agreed. But I fully support the idea that strong writing skills are a must to write good content for ANY platform. 🙂

  40. do we have and use the right vernacular and focus not he right issues for C-Suit decision makers?

  41. we need to take seriously the responsibility to check facts and feature experts not just Google stuff!

  42. and ensure that the board is well represented, so that we don’t alienate any current/future members

  43. the structure and order of how to write a story suffers with the “sound bite” culture.

  44. You mean strong creativity? Yes! In my experience, finding great “characters” comes with experience. A 6th sense.

  45. since we all know what’s needed and how to deliver it how do we become the trusted adviser to client?

  46. (3/3) & finally just get out there, walk the streets & speak 2 at all levels! Take the convo 2 our members

  47. the answer to that is not just writing but original ideas that can span a variety of screen types

  48. Hi, Lorraine! Yes, another good point. Know your audience well.

  49. Definitely strong writing but also strong creative and finding great characters

  50. I don’t think the merger will shape the industry it is a re shaped industry that shaped the merger

  51. Hello…! My first tweet with … Great stories come from also knowing your audience…

  52. @aviionuk the great thing is that now we can find out exactly where to reach a target audience

  53. And, one of my personal favorites – how do we get to great stories and relevant content? Strong writing skills.

  54. (2/3) continue to pass our ‘good practices’ onto other event nations, & in that way raise the profile of

  55. I think there is an opportunity around the sheer size and scale of our industry that we should bang the drum on!

  56. Linear TV now only an element of the digital brand, still important – but have to look at multi platform engagement.

  57. Tanya I could not agree more great original stories and relevant content

  58. Exactly and we can help create those trusted 3rd parties now!

  59. agree we need to adopt the good advice our members give clients!!

  60. Q2 how will the merger change the industry?

  61. Good content and good stories will still cut through – we’ve just got to find the right channels to reach people on

  62. good point Marco but also be able to communicate that to members

  63. Solid brand development leads to loyalty. Loyalty leads to consumer trust. (3rd party created)

  64. what does the disruption in traditional TV mean for our sector?

  65. accessibility and speed of information may also play its part

  66. thnx for the views re aims for we need to ensure we deliver benefit & engagement for members and our wider community

  67. you’re right – it’s not a big jump from the trusted Doctor on the old TV ads

  68. it’s still word of mouth like the olden days .. It’s evolved like everything does 🙂

  69. I guess one of our jobs is to make sure we find those trusted 3rd parties

  70. Q1, promote the industry, share good practice, support networking

  71. Q1 New board needs to find more creative ways to attract new members and explain benefit of new look Evcom.

  72. (2/2) will give them the wherewithal to choose what level of imprint their event left on their audience

  73. Further proof that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing on the planet.

  74. recent research (i hate the statement) shows that Gen Y trust 3rd parties more than friends and family e.g. trip adviser

  75. A1 I am new to the UK this year and new to this chat. Is expanding membership a top 2014 goal of ?

  76. stg 1 is measure attitude, then track management commitment to drive behaviour and then track results.

  77. Good point, Nick. But that is why developing different levels of offerings for clients, (1/2)

  78. If it means a more democratic viewpoint that’s great …let’s just hope it doesn’t oversimplify

  79. Ah, yes. Maybe bloggers should be included in this. How journalist is defined has changed, for sure.

  80. Q1 of the evening, what should the new board achieve in its first year?

  81. There is already a big trend with clients to measure effectiveness and this is made ever cheaper

  82. Good point guys. Social media has changed our relationship with journo’s & it will keep changing…

  83. not just how it’s reported but who’s a journalist now. where are people finding info and who do they trust

  84. it goes back to how much time, data, tracking and money clients are willing to invest in.

  85. I see more journalists willing & interested to connect via social media. 2nd, digital skills are now required.

  86. Interesting perspective, Marco. How do you mean? The way they approach reporting the news?

  87. good point. we need to define the metrics and processes so commissioners value the solutions

  88. Very true it’s so important the we (and the client) knows what they want out of it

  89. (2/2) if we have thought about what we want to achieve before the event starts, we can target the data-set we need…

  90. Hey all, having wifi trouble from . You’ll be in the competent hands of tonight

  91. i agree, but who the journalists are is also changing

  92. Also a good point, Marco. From a PR standpoint, I see journalists’ relationship with PR changing.

  93. Measurability is all based on our ability to collect data. Whether it’s feedback forms or engagement ROI’s… (1/2)

  94. We’re going to have to find ways of proving value is more than cost!

  95. as we move from quantitative to qualitative measurement who do we ensure our sector seizes the initiative?

  96. all starts with the brief and an assessment of the client sophistication, as to do it properly takes time for all.

  97. Tonight’s is board candidates editor of is having connection problems from Cannes Lions

  98. Good point but its not just event organisers the world has changed for tv, advertising, par & corp comms

  99. I think we need to be the ones to find ways of measuring more than just views

  100. : looks at all aspects relating to communications, When: Mondays, 8:00pm UK.

  101. Coming out of recession will the new event organisers remember the lessons of the old exited ones?

  102. and important to understand the changing environment around

  103. how do you work with clients to ensure that there are clear, measurable objectives?

  104. Further question: *How* does a comms pro stay ahead of trends and keep content relevant? Answer: Increasing digital skills.

  105. On the industry, we’re going to need to find the balance between clients needs and those of the commissioning channels commission

  106. Definitely giving a good brief – it’s key that we know the objectives and audience as well as poss

  107. The industry will grow but budgets will always be a challenge. It is important to keep ahead of trends and keep content relevant

  108. What would you like PR professionals to know most about producing specialised video content?

  109. Hi guys as we warm up it would be interesting to know your views on who the industry is going to change over the coming year

  110. What topics would you like us to discuss?

  111. Hi everyone – looking forward to joining my first

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