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February 7, 2012 Transcript of CommsChat with Blaise Grimes-Viort

At #CommsChat on Monday 6 February, we were joined by Blaise Grimes-Viort to discuss online community management. Blaise is head of community management & engagement at eModeration and a speaker at Virtual Community Summit 2012.

The chat looked at the role of the community manager and best practice in this rapidly evolving field. Following ‘Community Manager Appreciation Day’ a fortnight ago, we also asked whether it is a valued role.

The transcript can be viewed below and we’ve also pulled out a few of our favourite Tweets from the course of the hour.


@blaisegv The #cmgr should sit in middle of organisational matrix IMO. Their input is invaluable in all facets of how a company runs.

@helenblundell in fact you need to resist being departmentalised at all

@jeremywaite Not a brand manager. More a brand guardian. You are not in control anymore. Your customers are.

@blaisegv Copyright is always a thorny issue in social media – make sure you have at least a notice & takedown procedure in place

@blaisegv Libel in the UK is something every #cmgr should be aware of – given libel tourism non-UK #cmgr should pay attention too

@MatthewSemulo If given the right training and support, yes CM can be done by an intern in my opinion.

@HelenMoore Getting your intern to run a community, is like getting your son to enter the Tour de France because they have a bike

@gaildoggett and in that case the intern should get the advertising and marketing budgets to play with too…

@alexpackham  An intern doesn’t = a young person who uses Facebook & Twitter. An intern should be a student wanting to develop skills.

@AntonioKing1  Well when community mgmt is such a 24/7 role, it doesn’t make getting up at 3AM for a virtual summit all that difficult. 😉

@JamesBougourd  I’m always finding content from the community, best way to get content shared


The transcript can be seen here: transcript 6 February with Blaise Grimes-Viort

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