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September 6, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Amanda Coleman, 5 September

For the first broadcast from the relaunched #CommsChat, we were delighted to have Amanda Coleman on board as our guest host. Amanda is currently in charge of corporate communications at Greater Manchester Police, and last night’s chat took in GMPolice’s social media strategy, its crisis response efforts during the riots, and social media ownership – amongst many other topics.

We were delighted to have such a good take up – and such a capable host – for the first chat in its new form. You can download a full transcript of the chat below, but here are some of the tweets that caught our eye:

@amandacomms @londoncharlotte there is comms strategy, social media
strategy underneath it – key to SM is to be a conversation not broadcast
#commschat -8:08 PM Sep 5th, 2011

>> @londoncharlotte @amandacomms So how do you manage that [integration] – do you have a policy? What about listening tools? #commschat -8:07 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@amandacomms @Pete_Levy thanks for that – not big 16 press/pr, 5
web, 3 int comms, 4 photo/video #commschat -8:09 PM Sep 5th, 2011

>> @Pete_Levy #CommsChat congrates on your output. How big is your dept.? -8:08 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@amandacomms @richard_andrews difficult one – in riots had positive
feedback from deaf people who used Twitter for best updates
#commschat -8:14 PM Sep 5th, 2011

>> @richard_andrews #CommsChat Has SM approach engaged hard to reach audiences, or traditional audiences in a more
effective way? -8:11 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@ZoeShort_ After the riots it was great to
see #SM being used for good etc #CommsChat -8:21 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@NotFromBolton Good its a non starter, might as well
ban all TV and radio coverage and prohibit everyone from talking…
#commschat -8:24 PM Sep 5th, 2011

>> @amandacomms I totally disagree with trying to close SM down – just nonsense and will be saying so to all police Forces in London next week #commschat -8:23 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@PaulCTayla I think Senior Mgmt buy in to SM is v strong in
the public sector. I guess no one can ignore it. #commschat -8:31 PM Sep 5th, 2011

@AdamFairclough We can push the benefits and opportunities of social
media to our senior management only so far before they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.#commschat -8:36 PM Sep 5th, 2011

Get the full transcript here: 5 Sept Amanda Coleman

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