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November 3, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat with Adam Vincenzini

On Halloween we welcomed back Adam Vincenzini, co-founder of #CommsChat, to host a session focusing on the trends the #CommsChat community predicts we’ll see in 2012.

There’s a full transcript available below, but I’ve pulled out some of the tweets that caught my eye during the hour:

@behindthespin: That’s easy. People power. Arab Spring, #OWS, Occupy London

>>>>>>> @AdamVincenzini: Q1: Before we look forward, let’s look back. What has been the most important trend of 2011?

@Jarism: A1: The push for humanizing engagement with customers. It has been a slow process, but it’s gaining traction.

@mazherabidi: I reckon it’s actually harder for newer networks to get onto our radar…too many networks, too little time

@AdamFairclough: @AdamVincenzini ‘In-domain’ sounds a lot like advocacy, just with a fancier title. I can tell you work in communications 😉

@spirals: multi-screen / screen shifting feels like motivation for being on YouTube since they have device penetration others don’t

There’s lots more thought-provoking material in the transcript, so make sure you take a look: Halloween – Adam Vincenzini

#CommsChat will be next week with Vikki Chowney as our guest. Details coming shortly.


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