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July 28, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on wearable tech

Last night we spoke about the future of wearables as a tool for communication. People were divided, yet agreed on the whole that wearables will become a part of every day life and, as such, will be an important tool for communicators.

Read the #CommsChat highlights below:

  •  Allows PR’s to intelligently connect and collaborate with audience by tracking their preferences/location
  •  Reports estimate consumers look at their mobile screens up to 220 times/day. Brands can’t afford to miss out on mobile
  •  T2: is it a combo of cost, skepticism and info overload? If you’re looking at your phone 220 times a day…
  •   might sound daft… however, I’m keen on an Apple watch but I’ve got tiny wrists and it won’t suit me!
  •   I’m enjoying my Apple Watch, used it constantly today to pay for Tube travel, tea and groceries. More I use it, more I like it
  •  A3) Msgs need to be short, sharp and sweet. Think glanceable. When you have to handoff (switch to phone) it loses the snappiness

Read the rest of the transcript below:


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