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December 11, 2012 Transcript of #commschat on trust

Nobody enjoys spending half an hour on hold with a customer service representative, or sending a tweet or an email citing a problem, only to see little to no resolution. Last week’s #CommsChat discussed how poor customer service can lead to a decline in trust for brands and companies. We were joined by Kate Joseph from Rufus Leonard which recently launched research on brand loyalty in Communicate‘s November/December issue.

Here are some tweets that caught our eye:

@digiconvs Without trust, biz won’t last long & without #custserv there wouldn’t be a strong connection between biz & customers.

@rufusleonard Customer service is fundamental to trust. For most brands, it’s the main interaction between themselves and consumers

@padraic_knox poor customer exp is often caused by bureacracy/red tape – teams want to delight customers but constrained by process

@rufusleonard Service industries have struggled to adapt to the new customer demand for transparency

@padraic_knox Agree. To win trust brands must treat consumers as people, not sales targets

@engagingbrand Spot on & sad thing is web should make it easier to connect not harder,it doesn’t replace people it enhances people

And the full transcript:

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