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February 10, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on the value of media relations as a skillset pt. 2


  1. Some do, some don’t. Many still see media relations as what you do in a crisis, not as proactive part of a business

  2. ooh cool fact!!

  3. More content is uploaded to YouTube in 3 days than the BBC has created in its entire history! Fact from twitter a few days ago!

  4. CPD, postgrad diplomas are the future of highly skilled profession

  5. more a question of when they invest – too many wait until something has gone wrong!

  6. Bit of a leading question to ask to a group of communications professionals! Resounding answer will be ‘NO!’ 🙂

  7. 4 – in some places the media team has suffered to boost the social media – hopefully not now – both important

  8. Not at all. Significant underinvestment in skills across PR – why so many people leave industry in early 30s

  9. T3: it’s made it more complex and had the opposite effect in my view

  10. We live world everybody now influencer. Ability however to know how to get in traditional media with all the noise still skill

  11. That’s nuts. Did they say why they use that strategy? Seems very…rookie like (so says a rookie)

  12. T4: Do businesses invest enough in their media relations teams?

  13. the ability to write well. Surprisingly excellent writers are hard to find

  14. T3 volume of bloggers/online influencers around communities of interest mean media ties shifted to digital instead

  15. For PR people, digital / social means we are more visible, available. Creates opportunities but also poses risks, challenges

  16. Interesting how journalists now use own social media accounts promote own story on social and have conversations readers

  17. Me neither

  18. but ongoing narrative is not same thing as “telling a story.” Story is deliberate/somewhat controllable; narrative not.

  19. hmmmmm

  20. agree different purposes. Trad media expert opinion debate. Social breaking news

  21. made it better. Often ask journalists to take part in discussion and flag a bit of digital work. Both amplify.

  22. Opposite. News is news, the difference with digital is the immediacy, which means media-PR tie needs to be strong!

  23. I didn’t say cherry pick Judy, but I think we’re saying the same thing here!

  24. A3) If anything, it has increased the value of strong ties. It’s easier to have more casual interactions.

  25. and those stories are there forever for all to see

  26. T3: Digital means tougher deadlines etc – extra premium on professional relationships that will hold up under pressure

  27. Apparently it results in a few blogs cutting and pasting the press release unedited in full – “it all counts”

  28. Sunday papers still set the agenda morning broadcast and online news

  29. The ability to empathise with their target audience.

  30. Now social media amplifies traditional media – hence BBC/Guardian/Telegraph/Mail have biggest audiences in history

  31. Used to be the case that newspaper coverage was tomorrow’s chip paper (same with TV news appearances)

  32. Skills : understands a good tale and can tell it well. Relationship builder. Gets that they are not ‘the story’

  33. no way! no words!

  34. Think digital has enhanced value traditional media. Rely on it for expert opinion and debate. Low barriers entry digital

  35. and personality and passion go hand in hand – you have to have enthusiasm for sell-in

  36. It’s enhanced the value

  37. 3 – if anything it has made it more important.

  38. a small team means I’m in charge of resourcing, budget, strategy, policy & still do tactics !

  39. T3: Has digital minimised the value of strong media ties?

  40. not talking about concept of cherry-picking stories to tell & staff to profile/I mean “interpreting” ongoing narrative

  41. SO pleased that most participants state ‘ability to write’ is still a key skill in media relations.

  42. Surprised ‘ethical’ isn’t mentioned more as a quality – transparency, accountability and disclosure above all

  43. certainly part of it; journos are busy so you need to stand out in a +ve way through personality

  44. Developing relationships with journos (& stakeholders generally) is vital for success

  45. honesty is the key

  46. Such skills are valuable: telling a story that resonates and is relevant to those who you’re engaging

  47. PR role is to get balance…honesty and less ‘spin’ gains respect from media

  48. Finally back and time to catch up with

  49. does that undervalue it as a skill though. Yes personality helps but is that all it is

    1. Have you looked at what we do with video from as little as £99?

  50. makes it more difficult to pitch with credibility

  51. A pet hate of mine is the use of the salesman job title “account executive”

  52. able to find good stories that suit the media title – nothing worse than selling something with poor editorial fit

  53. to be able to write it’s why I advise people to prove it in a blog, like I do

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