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November 5, 2013 Transcript of #CommsChat on recruitment

Last night we were joined by Tom Ewen, associate director of Ellwood Atfield (@ellwoodatfield), who discussed comms recruitment with us. We chatted about youth entry to the profession, the skills required for comms roles and leadership positions within an organisation.

Some standout tweets include:

  • @Caanz You have to remember public relations is a different job. Journalists – and anyone else joining profession – need training
  • @Maxim_PR yes. Love my job because it’s so varied – worked on 20 clients last month, wouldn’t want to go in house
  • @jane63c in house can offer part time options but ultimately the culture of the profession needs to change to help
  • @EllwoodAtfield Be proactive, contact dream employers directly don’t wait for the advert. Write letters (no1 does this!) you stand out
  • @EllwoodAtfield Would BP have fared differently if it’s CEO had been a PRO at the helm 2 years’ a go? Probably
  • @EllwoodAtfield T2: AD’s become distanced from the creative PR in favour of too many pitches. Solution: Separate BusDev and Creative teams?
And the whole chat:



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