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March 18, 2014 Transcript of #CommsChat on pop ups

This week, we were joined by two interesting organisations that provide support and resources for SMEs and microbusinesses, particularly regarding pop up space – @appearhere and @popubritain. Appear Here has partnered with TfL to put pop up retail spaces throughout the transport network.

Take a look at the highlights of the conversation:

  • @Lizziepin  Pop-ups are not just about sales, its’ about testing products and experimenting
  • @appearhere  the revenue they generate from these unique retail spaces can be put back into improving the network
  • @appearhere  These prime spaces can help SMEs grow ultimately creating more jobs and exports for the economy
  •  ‏@PopUpBritain  it’s what we do! We curate groups of retail startups and put them together for short-term opp

See the full hour for some insight into SMEs and economic growth:



  1. Have a great night and happy St Patrick’s Day! G’night all

  2. I’m signing off in a couple min, but do check out and ‘s work and look out for a pop up near you!

  3. Thanks again to guests and tweeters. We’ll post the review of the chat tmrw AM. Let us at know if you have ideas for future chats

  4. be done online? Experiential is tricky online. But, aligning both online and offline for could be good.

  5. RT : Just a few minutes to 9pm. Join me in thanking our fantastic guests and .

  6. . – this is ‘s project which gave new firms the chance to collaborate with a brill payment solution

  7. freeing up more spaces for flexible & affordable rents in prime retail areas

  8. they need to know that small firms need special treatment.

  9. . It does seem to be a big trend. Do you think there is a solution that would suit everyone?

  10. It seems that companies are doing this more now.Not always feasible and I still worry about corporativism

  11. helping small firms by prompt payment or procurement can give a biz a chance to grow more quickly

  12. T6: What can be done to make things easier for SMEs and micro-businesses in future? What role can orgs like TfL play?

  13. These spaces are great opportunities for SMEs to launch and make their ideas travel further

  14. it will show other big businesses that it’s cool and achievable to support SMEs like these –>

  15. Being in highly visible retail space in prime retail areas in the London can elevate SME’s status to the public

  16. Just 15 min left of an interesting on SMEs and pop-ups with a dash of TfL for good measure. Not too late to tweet in

  17. . That’s great! Do you think a project like TfL’s will get more businesses involved w/popups?

  18. it’s what we do! We curate groups of retail startups and put them together for short-term opp

  19. T5: How will these plans influence public perceptions of SMEs and TfL’s role in the British economy?

  20. saving money, sharing the workload and spreading their message further through each others followers

  21. Have they? Interesting! Can see the benefits economically and in:re shared experience

  22. lovely to have a quick chat!! Looking forward to the next one !!

  23. To all you communicators out there, why is a network important to bldg awareness w./in your own sector?

  24. by their nature pop-up spaces just pop-up and you need to act, often collaborating as costs prohibitive

  25. . What are the benefits of that kind of community?

  26. With the price of advertising and customer acquisition online going up it’s also an affordable alternative

  27. T4: Are there any networks in place for SMEs to communicate w/each other about issues like retail space?

  28. this is true, but I think the breakthrough is awareness about the small retailers out there making excellent stuff

  29. RT : They can use some if this income to retain the tfl staff rather than cutting loose some of them

  30. It is a stated intention to reinvest the £ earned into transport infrastructure Btr than raising fares!

  31. These prime spaces can help SMEs grow ultimately creating more jobs and exports for the economy

  32. SMEs are the basis of the UK economy, banks say. Help them and you help other biz too. But also invest in back transport network

  33. Popup market stalls at their stations in support of SMEs. Check out the hash tag for info and discussions about it.

  34. the revenue they generate from these unique retail spaces can be put back into improving the network

  35. would hope it might encourage more people to start-up and shop!

  36. MT : TfL get to offer more than a transport service , they’re making the whole journey experience fresh and exciting

  37. I would assume so. At least a sense of giving something back to the econ (which TfL does! But not often seen)

  38. Might need you to showcase this awesome project at an event next month! Interested?

  39. Topic 3: Will the inclusion of pop-ups throughout the transport network help encourage economic growth?

  40. pop-ups also give you something real to say – and a physical space to invite your customers to

  41. RT : Indeed. But millions in hassle and things to do/places to go have little/no time to stop and buy

  42. What are the benefits to TfL? Why has it chosen to pursue an option like this?

  43. That’s a good point. Even with things like not on the high street/Etsy, it’s a tough world out there for SMEs

  44. completely. The internet world is a massive place. How are you going to make a noise or prove you actually exist?

  45. RT : sometimes yes but still way too overpriced sometimes. Average startup loan £4000. Popup rent £500/week!!

  46. RT : you don’t have to commit to a lengthy & often expensive rent. Minimum risk & hassle

  47. Why do we think is getting involved in pop-ups?

  48. pop-ups are about getting feedback and makes excellent social media and marketing content

  49. Wow so small businesses face 10 year leases or £500 p/w market stalls. Are pop ups the best alternative to internet-only sales?

  50. 23 million pass through Old St Station every year, they’re much more valuable than a piece of wood.

  51. on SMEs, pop-ups and happening now. Don’t miss out.

  52. Pop-ups are not just about sales, its’ about testing products and experimenting

  53. Pop-ups on this scale can help w/reputation on a large scale, esp for SMEs and micro-businesses

  54. MT : We’re excited to make this happen! You can see some of the spaces we have available here:

  55. because they have new products, little cash and no ability to commit to long leases

  56. agreed! Pop up shops are a great way of getting independents on the same playing field as a major brand

  57. Addendum to T2: How does that help the economy as a whole and help SMEs build awareness?

  58. Topic 2: Why are SMEs often tenants of pop-up shops?

  59. it’s a brilliant idea because not enough people understand the benefits of shopping with independents.

  60. The project with TfL starts in April and will put pop-ups in many stations, starting with Old Street.

  61. they can help reactivate the high st by utilising unused shop space and bringing in a new footfall to the area

  62. If you’re new tonight, don’t forget to use the tag, so everyone can see your tweets

  63. Our friends at run an SME-focused programme that helps businesses find retail space

  64. it’s how the growing number of retail start-ups will get their products out there

  65. So our first topic will look at pop-ups specifically: Topic 1: What unique benefits do pop-ups have on the economy?

  66. For those who haven’t seen the news, & are launching a project to put pop-up retail spaces in tube stns

  67. Fed up of being ripped off?Fed upOFpoor work? is here to help launchingApril1st!!Follow us4moreiNFO

  68. So join me in welcoming our guests and get ready for a great hour.

  69. …We’ll be chatting about SMEs, pop up retail and on tonight

  70. Evening friends, Brittany here. Welcome to . Tonight, we’re joined by and

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