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February 21, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on Pinterest

Last night on #CommsChat we were joined by Tom Ball from Immediate Future to discuss the social network that everyone’s currently talking about – the image-based “virtual pinboard”, Pinterest.

Lots of stats are being bandied around about Pinterest at the moment that focus on its swiftly increasing user numbers and its appeal to different interests. But we wanted to think about how brands can get involved with the site, and explore if indeed there is space for corporate presence on the network.

You can find a full transcript below, but here are some tweets we pulled out during the course of the chat:

@PRgirlAshley: All companies don’t need to be involved w/ @Pinterest. FIrst step should be to set goals – what do you hope to achieve?

@GemmaPhelan: Every corporate brand should look to build communities of interest

@iftweeter: according to this infographic the UK user base is said to be weighted towards males

@jamesnicholsfry: #pinterest may be female focused globally, but what’s wrong with female focused advertising? BBC:

@jonathan626537: I saw an awful “repin to win” campaign on Pinterest. Very lazy in my opinion

@LizCpher: The most important consideration a business should make is to ensure their site has at least one great image for people to pin.

@jane63c: like the idea of tribes gathering round this idea – wonder what @SethGodin makes of it?

@jgombita: fave line from a real curator at #smwto… @Pinterest serves as a filing cabinet for me

After last night, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing how Pinterest develops in the online space – and which brands manage to make it work for them. You can read the full transcript here: 20 Feb Tom Ball


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