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July 1, 2014 Transcript of #CommsChat on mobile communications

This week on #CommsChat we covered mobile engagement, technology and communications. We discussed why mobile engagement is so important to the modern brand and thought of ways that businesses can improve their mobile offering.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • ‏@arl24  Need to think about target audience. Are they hungry for conversation and content no matter where or when?
  • @PhilRumens With mobile device usage set to overtake desktop/laptop use, it’s important for every sector.
  • ‏@haydenascott  Mobile is now becoming very important in #PR as live tweeting an event is considered the norm, not to mention 24/7 world
  • @TimElliottUK  I’ve noticed a move to html5 sites in place of apps, especially with the interactive or gaming features it has
  • @NafisaNathani  Mobile apps no longer standalone entities-need be integrated into business model brand to build closer relationships&drive biz

To read the whole conversation see below:



  1. But for now, g’night all. Until next week.

  2. Hope you enjoyed tonight’s chat on , I certainly did. Check out transcript tmrw AM. Also enter awards

  3. Thanks for having us. It’s glad to have found this conversation. Stay in touch people, good ideas.

  4. The convergence of and will continue, as seen with the proliferation of apps

  5. Well that’s all folks. You can always join us next week as we chat about e-learning with

  6. I agree. People pick up a mobile to go to to complain. Catch them there. 1/2

  7. Yes. Mobile is increasingly enabling new options for those who work in the field.

  8. Thanks for yet another great & your kind mentions & RTs. Have a great evening. Thanks for the reminder

  9. . Social media & mobile are 2 critical ingredients of delivering outstanding which can maximise £££.

  10. We’re winding down here on . Any final thoughts before you head off to watch World Cup?

  11. Very good use of mobile in brands was with around the world, and updating to and

  12. and for us it is increasingly about frontline service delivery

  13. When I see people do it wrong I say it to their face that they have to look for another job!

  14. For us mobile and social are often about the snatched conversations with our supporters and beneficiaries…little nuggets

  15. True social media is a about being social. LCD: Listen, Communicate, Discover.

  16. I see people do it wrong all the time, and brands pump out marketing to followers non-stop.

  17. Sadly you are right despite the fact that social media is nothing other than common sense.

  18. T-minus 11 min to kick off. Last topic: What can cos. working in mobile-saturated but not smartphone friendly areas do w/mobile?

  19. . did a good job of popup restaurant to pay with photo of food. Good way to make customer brand advocate

  20. Spot on Collaboration is the future competition & to promote your best content you got to engage.

  21. Read quote other day-consumers never been more connected but its harder connect with them -mobile apps need have purpose&function

  22. It entirely depends on company. Mine is media, new system to approve content on device, and automate deployment.

  23. A4: Start out at natural kick-offs – e.g. large events where people gather in person, find good hooks to get them on

  24. I can do that with my phone though , public group shots etc ? And the glass doesn’t record continually

  25. Exactly And what’s more, innovation is the product of differences & it is all about people & their passion.

  26. You could prepare pics, infographics, etc, to support the questions

  27. Mobile apps no longer standalone entities-need be integrated into business model brand to build closer relationships&drive biz

  28. Very true I personally use for announce weekly topics for my chat & it works well!

  29. Can you send a link to the article? Would be great to read. Thanks

  30. A3.5: What AREN’T the merits? 🙂 Has to be default, perhaps soon the first design criteria, before desktop.

  31. But what if I’m not a user and you’re filming me with your Glass? Getting a bit off topic now, I know.

  32. Tech is only as effective as the person operating it, so happy to concur

  33. T4: What are the best strategies for companies looking to use mobile and for brands to engage with stakeholders via mobile?

  34. Difficult to do so without making infographics, funny faces, and memes on the fly

  35. True To understand your consumer habits/behaviour you got to listen to them & engage in their conversation

  36. Read article how QS also changing workplace-study employee emails & patterns who are connectors and what leads high performance

  37. Start by adding images. Next, turn it into a visual story (perhaps with auto-generated images).

  38. use instagram, video etc to make it like you are in the room/venue/location etc

  39. for some it’s worrying but as a user I’m happy to share in order to get better results, service, experiences etc

  40. ha ha Specifically for the content does not match up to Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest

  41. well I can’t wait, I’m ready to implant stuff into my body lol 🙂

  42. audience segmented content, ibeacon technology, AI, location based outreach – the power of learning consumer habits

  43. T3.5: What are the merits of mobile-optimised websites?

  44. . Tech meant to make life & comms simpler but it seems its purpose confused by many sadly!

  45. I am waiting not for predictive analytics but predictive customer service – knows what I want before me

  46. There’s definitely some potential privacy issues with Glass!

  47. . Well the Gap did thing Tom Cruise was called Mr Yakamoto….kidding tho, could be amazing, could also be scary!

  48. or other twitter chats ( for example) aren’t very visually engaging, but can be very effective.

  49. The same goes for that allow you to do the same as Nike fuel band and track GPS.

  50. no no no … Awesome 🙂 it means customer service will be incredible right?

  51. we couldn’t be further away. We haven’t even touched the surface of mobile comms yet

  52. We expect too much of tech forget that human created it 😉 3 Ps of success in comms: People, People, People.

  53. . that’s a good one! Stuff like and Nike Fuelband is changing fitness

  54. I think it’s arrived, GoogleGlass can already recognise a customer & present buying history some great US eg’s already

  55. There are some technologies on the horizon with hud-like displays, but not quite Minority Report. I hope and wait

  56. Technology which enables individuals to track&monitor every detail their life for self improvement ie quantified self increase

  57. haha That is a desperate appeal to become PC 😉


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