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February 17, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on internal communications and corporate video part 3


  1. Our very own in today on ‘the power of ‘i don’t know” –

  2. Mobile – the new way of life? Find out with ‘s latest tomorrow for FREE!

  3. We must commend on a fab yesterday. Loved it!!!

  4. Like these tips about smartphone journalism from the BBC. Useful for quick and easy IC films too.

  5. How often do employees say that, and then never do :)!

  6. Enjoyed tonight, but I really think people are missing the point. Make videos as nice as you want, but when will they be watched?

    1. friends might be interested in my post on using video for local government reports

  7. Why thank you

  8. sounds really interesting!

  9. No excuse – I managed to join in whilst at a networking event 🙂

  10. really interesting . Helpful as we plan intro of new intranet aiming for more social collaboration.

  11. Big thank you to for hosting this evening chat, and all the team for having us!

  12. Also be sure to submit those great corporate videos into the Digital Impact Awards this year –

  13. Really interesting to follow tonight while I ponder how best to use video for a current client

  14. We’re back next week, same time, same place. Have a great week everyone! G’night

  15. RT : We’ll post the recap tomorrow morning in case your cat/wife/child/real life kept you from -ing

  16. always a pleasure, never a chore!

  17. We’ll post the recap tomorrow morning in case your cat/wife/child/real life kept you from -ing

  18. Thanks for the everyone – good to hear your thoughts and views.

  19. Great to join in tonight. See you all again next week!

  20. Anyone mentioned live streaming for yet?

  21. Thanks all and thanks to who shared his thoughts and experiences on video in tonight

  22. We really enjoyed tonight. TY Tweeps and hope everyone enjoy their pancakes tomorrow. Sweet or Savoury? Sweet for us.

  23. Thanks to everyone who hung out with me at this evening and taught me something new 😀

  24. One day I’ll finally get that commission from the Institute of Barbados Beach Owners…

    1. Just a few min left on . Don’t forget to get your tix to Visual Content in conf 3 March

  25. Gorgeous film and fantastic story – even has a hero. And for an internal audience, too. Brilliant.

  26. We have to be sure not to jump to channel over message (story!)

  27. exactly!

  28. making the video often easier than working out how where to host and share

  29. It might not be appealing for employees, esp if they cannot use socual media at work.

  30. Playing devils advocate, how many people who started it watched it to the end without skipping?

  31. 5) Challenges: Budget, Translation (ensuring relevance is kept) and main one = creating opportunities for 2-way conversations

  32. No, they need to take it out of their pocket and talk into it… 🙂

  33. T6: something important. And significant. About Trust perhaps?

  34. T6: If you could make a (corporate, IC or other business-y) video on any topic what would it be about?

  35. . time, cost and resources – not just the producing of the video but the sharing/marketing

  36. Any examples of CEOs keen to talk at Visual Content for Internal Comms conf? Then please do get in touch.

  37. No one has ever made a contribution with a blackberry in their pocket!

  38. For those who want to do video more, remember to be informed & think about all the angles.

    1. Not always – We’ve made professional video with a story – and a heart:

  39. It’s our job to match up the medium and the message.

  40. Vision for video is definitely up to us as comms pros to sell – like all our channels.

  41. Remembering who your audience is is key, also how will they view it, as part of a weekly briefing or at their leisure.

  42. Ridiculously late to , evening all. Come and join in using the hashtag – see for info.

  43. & do they want them? Must be clear on what they find helpful. Sharing good practice maybe. CEO lectures not so sure.

  44. Yes, but a lot don’t & when they say, let’s just do a video, they don’t think about – that’s my issue

  45. But we can only develop that by selling our vision into our Execs – if we don’t, no-one else will

  46. and it can be blooming expensive!

  47. On second thoughts, I’ll just put an article on the intranet :)!

  48. We’d recommend as a clever exponent of a man with a smartphone using video

  49. T5: Greatest challenge – The CEOs who think they’re great on camera, controlling exec teams – nothing new really 😉

  50. One of the biggest challenges in creating video for IC is getting the balance right between production and immediacy/authenticity

  51. Not so here in the States. But responsible companies recognize the need / value.

  52. when will people watch it, with productivity measured wrongly? Needs a fundamental change in culture

  53. all companies that operate in the EU must comply with transcripts. (you can be taken to court)

  54. With an iPhone/Blackberry in their pocket all can make a contribution, it’s a powerful tool.

  55. Access comes in many sizes and flavors. Some companies require transcription.

  56. gulp!

  57. 5 – to make it live for the frontline and not just be sanitised by management

  58. When u talk about accessibility, what about EU regulations about transcripts & subtitles? Most ppl forget!

  59. T4.5, some are, yes. Can be a great way to showcase how other colleagues in diff roles work & raise understanding between teams

  60. Surely our role is effective internal communication that engages employees? Not selling visions.

  61. Quality content is king: production values can work both ways but that’s the skill that experts bring

  62. I’ve replicated a UGC aesthetic for CEO vids before. Works well for certain messaging

  63. T5: What are some challenges when creating a video for internal use?

  64. screens etc are really good if kept fresh for staff

  65. Like!

  66. probably requires the right sort of culture – and lots of internal champions!

  67. Where possible I leave them as open as possible. People can view on YouTube on own device

  68. For those who don’t have devices, digital signage is a great tool for video.

  69. . I’ve seen CEO’s do UGC very well indeed..

  70. Agree UGC can work well when immediacy is key, or “from the frontline” perspective is needed

  71. That’s why we need to leverage professional expertise when we need to. Our role is to sell our vision for video

  72. Well, no real examples for them to show. Also, money and time are obstacles. Loved the Ovo Energy take.

  73. Completely agree, restricted access almost always means people won’t watch! When will they?

  74. sharing is the easy part! It’s encouraging people to do it in the first place is the challenge!

  75. If anyone fancies speaking about video in IC at our next event, please follow and DM us.

  76. Appropriately enough, Communicate is holding a 1/2 day conf on Visual Content & Internal Comms, March 3.

  77. A4) it can also be promoted via internal weekly or monthly employee e-newsletter.

  78. Did that at Asda, worked well as long as they were trained and aware of what was expected of them

  79. T4: Play, use own devices, make it ordinary. Use on intranet, int. message but fit to strategy so people know why it is in place.

  80. RT : T4.5: Do employees WANT to share/make videos for the workplace? Nope – not always. And thats ok.

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