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November 22, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat on Google+ for Businesses and Brands

On Monday, #CommsChat looked at the recently launched Google+ Pages for brands and businesses, with special guests Paul Sutton and Michael Litman. Michael argued in favour of Google+, while Paul counselled there’s no need for businesses to rush to establish their presence.

It was a heated and spiky #CommsChat, that saw 44 pages of transcript which can be found below, but we’ve also pulled out a few tweets from the course of the hour.

@litmanlive: Google+ is the social glue that allows them to completely own the cycle from search to brand page to purchase

@spirals: took few years for twitter to make journo good books. Tech has a pattern of suspicion, intrigue, buzz then mainstream it seems

@wadds: None of the women in my life are on Google+: Mum, partner, daughter… Important benchmark

@ThePaulSutton: Hangouts are the killer feature, in my opinion. The opportunity for brands to talk to customers is incredible

@Stevejuice: As ever, leading brands will favour established channels. Google+ is for challenger brands. For now

@litmanlive: Google+ isn’t a standalone product. It’s permeating every single Google property and improving it. It’s here to stay.

@ThePaulSutton: It’s a question of resource. Most of the brands I spk to struggle to resource Twitter & a blog!

@waynegibbins: not sure why mass adoption necessary for G+ to be useful. Basically a publishing and distribution platform in one, think niche

@mazherabidi:I go online to communicate with ppl not brands. Brands need to adapt to me, not vice versa


You can read the transcript at: November 21 Google+ for Businesses and Brands


Details of the next #CommsChat are coming soon.


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