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October 27, 2011 Transcript of #CommsChat on gamification with Michael Wu

On Monday evening #CommsChat was delighted to host Michael Wu, principal scientist, analytics, at Lithium, for a session discussing gamification and how brands are using gaming mechanics to connect with customers.

You can download a full transcript of the chat below, but I’ve pulled out some of the tweets that cuaght my eye during the hour.

@mich8elwu The reason that game mechanics and game dynamics work is because they drive a temporal convergence of 3 factors … Those 3 factors are: motivation, ability, and trigger. If they all happen at the same time, humans tend to take action.

@mynewsdesk_uk Yes so game mechanics are like when LinkedIn shows completion progress bar to encourage you to fill in all parts of your profile.

@mich8elwu In terms of gamification, you don’t really target [your customers], you simply make it simpler for them to participate … from the Behavioral model, by making the gamify action simpler (or perceived simpler), you give the player more ability factor #2

@KyanaHansson interesting and effective much better than checking items off a list!

@mich8elwu b4 [social media] game mechanics only leverage fun for the player/user, w/social, it can leverage social facilitation/competition

@blogbrevity What about shares? And Google Analytics metrics like “time on page” and # pages viewed. Those are things I measure.

>>>>>>>> @mynewsdesk_uk Some journalists/bloggers are being paid (or sacked) based on the ‘game’ metrics of views and comments.

The full transcript from Monday evening is here: 24 October Michael Wu on gamification. Details of next week’s chat coming shortly.


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