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January 27, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on gamification in internal comms

This week on #CommsChat we looked at how game-playing can improve your internal comms strategy. There was a positive reception to the trend with most believing that games can be useful for engaging employees, as well as consumers.

Here are some of the highlights:

  •  the word gamification is a fad…but the idea of motivating people to perform better isn’t!
  •  Gamification is key for appealing to millennials. Business are now making it part of their marketing/product strategies.
  •  natives will adopt quicker however harder to cut throught thier clutter,interest might be stronger from digital immigrants
  •  Gamification isn’t digital, it can be..but it’s isn’t automatically! So digital natives are just one audience
  •  agree, and I think most people are inherently competitive and want to be best and see a reward!
  •  we had a business need, without a business problem to solve gamification will fail!

Read the whole conversation here:


  1. We’ll have a transcript up tomorrow and will be back with next week’s topics soon. Have a good Monday everyone!

  2. many thanks for the follow Tim! We hope you enjoyed tonights shout if you ever want to chat further!

  3. thanks for having us! signing off now but chck out this article by our CD Andy, worth a read!

  4. That’s 9pm and our hour is up. Feel free to keep chatting, but I’m calling it a night. Thanks to and all you fab -ers

  5. do your research then test, iterate and repeat. You’ll soon know if it will work or not

  6. A6: Finally, it’s measurable: always factor measurement into your planning. Use measurement from pilot to roll-out

  7. Okay guys, winding down here on . I’ll save the last word for our guests

  8. Great and watch out for the domestic abuse gamification making a serious issue easier to understand.

  9. . Get ready! set to revolutionize the workplace in 2015:

  10. depends on the audience. Seems to work particularly well with younger men. See Dryathlon and H2only as examples

  11. Very timely twitter discussion today on the tag about gamification

  12. Big thank you to all the team & our brilliant moderator!We wish you all a brilliant week & thank you for all your engagements! 🙂

  13. A7 people are inherently competitive they like to win, see progress, align with business goals = recipe for success

  14. A6: Creates a memorable experience, ppl with organisations & each other –

  15. Thanks for all the helpful insight into gamification and communication – their trends too!

  16. A6: increased , embedding your messages with your ppl via a method,proven to work across-the-board (forgive the pun)

  17. A7:Gamification brings an element of fun into the workplace but with practical outcomes that have true business benefit.

  18. I still think strong and accurate measurement is vital to see how employees subconsciously feel and act

    1. Fab tonight on . Here’s my post from 2013 on why gaming is here to stay for

  19. A6: 1. Engagement 2. Education 3. Employee Interaction

  20. true – could have easily been or

  21. A7: We never stop through play. Gratification, recognition, reward are relatively instant – bonus for the time poor

  22. or how confident they feel to be able to speak about how they really feel

  23. because it’s been around for years…all we’ve done is formalise it and give it a funky name

  24. A5: as with anything answer the WIIFM – maybe through reward/recognition or to solve a business problem that benefits participant

  25. I don’t think it’s a question of honesty…people will nearly always say what they think you want to hear

  26. T7: Why do you think gamification is successful? Why is it here to stay?

  27. great – may need to pick your brains after ! will DM u

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