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February 19, 2014 Transcript of #CommsChat on fact, fiction and fantasy pt. 1 of 2

Last week’s #CommsChat examined portrayals of comms professionals in TV, film and literature with @amandacomms. Amanda specifically addressed the portrayal of police communicators in shows such as The Bill and Babylon.

The first question we looked at was “Who is your favourite fictional comms professional.” CJ Cregg from Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing came out on top no doubt due to her character as a brilliant, ballsy and a bit green White House press officer. Closely following was Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It, with a vote or two coming in for Sam Seaborn from The West Wing, among others (nobody can forget Michael J Fox’s unique portrayal of Spin City spinster Mike Flaherty).

Some standout tweets:

  • @adamrubins  without question C.J Cregg in The West Wing. No-one else comes close
  • @ncardwell  T2: For me, fiction often gets the intensity and pressure of the role, usually doesn’t quite get decency/humanity of those in it
  • @PeterMBarrett  Most of my friends think I’m a Cardinal Richelieu figure, moving in shadows behind the throne. #itsreallynotthatglamorous
  • ‏@Brambleleaf  Challenge is that the reality often feels so much less plausible than the fantasy
  • @NafisaNathani  Fiction has a positive role to play. Power to bring people into industry i.e. minorities who otherwise may not have been aware it
  • @amandacomms  T4 should be good – raise the profile, but reality is if seen as truth can be damaging. Seen same with fictional cops

See part two for full hour.

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