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April 18, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on Facebook

On Monday 16 April, we handed the reigns of #CommsChat over to the general community, as we were discussing a topic on which everyone seems to have an opinion – Facebook.

A full transcript can be downloaded below, but here’s a few tweets that caught our eye:

@GemmaPhelan Timeline is more visual – 2012 is all about visual content. And the new FB supports that trend

@SDElsden Hate the timeline. Makes it almost impossible to see latest posts and comments

@AlexPackham Facebook has an incredible governance problem. Brands spend incredible amounts of $$ on their platform and it’s amazing that FB … … gets away without policing its own platform. The scale and size of marketing on FB justifies a team policing campaigns on there

@AmelieMet The world is slowly being gamified. Everything has an app now… No surprise that FB wants to have part of that w/ instagram

@TeminaMoledina The move to pro-am content appears to be a permanent paradigm shift

@CommsChat This crops up in almost every topic we discuss here – engagement beats sales every time

Make sure you take a look at the full transcript for plenty more content: Facebook – 16 April

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