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October 24, 2019 Transcript of #CommsChat on ethics in international PR

Public relations are the gatekeepers of brand mission. International PR feels this pressure, as it needs to navigate across a variety of cultures. What are the challenges to ethical behaviour in international PR? Are there different implications when AI enters the stage? We were joined by CIPR International (@CIPR_Int) to discuss topics including:

  • What does ethical behaviour mean to you as a PR practitioner?
  • How does working globally influence your view of ethics in PR?
  • Does AI pose different ethical questions, not covered by current PR practice? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that AI is ethically compliant?
  • Would you always speak up if you felt your company had behaved unethically? What are the implications?
  • How is it possible to be an ethical influencer?

Join us! We tweet from @CommsChat and #CommsChat takes place every Monday, from 8-9pm GMT. Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply follow the hashtag here or on Twitter. If you can’t make the chat or would like to revisit it, a transcript will be posted to on Tuesday morning. We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics – please get in touch with Ruth via email or contact us on Twitter with your ideas.

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