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September 8, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on crisis comms cont. again


    1. Storified my first covering all things ! via

  1. really enjoyed tonight. Thank you. Great thought provoking discussion & sharing of knowledge.

  2. It’s more often an authenticity problem that is perpetuated by Communicating what is false

    1. reminds of point 3 in my blog. Hear a lot of “it’s a Comms problem.”

  3. Great to join my first this evening > Thank you for the learnings, interactions, new followers, RT’s and FV’s

  4. Great tonight

  5. Effective comms: deal in facts not speculation, show , respond in a timely way, regular updates

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing so many different views. Great stuff!

  7. Your response should pass the ‘kitchen table test’ (be authentic to somebody reading/watching in their home)

  8. Glad you enjoyed it Brittany 🙂

  9. Great line-up, I’m looking forward to it

  10. Remember, you can use the website to follow the chat and stay on top of upcoming topics and guests –

  11. Today I learned that are both informative and fun. Thanks everyone and see you all next week!

  12. Thanks for the chat.Hope all come to CMC to hear Malaysian Airlines, BAE, Novartis, CERN and others on experiences.

  13. Neil Cardwell retweeted CommsChat

    Good be back taking part in this evening. Loads of wisdom and insight on the hashtag.

    Neil Cardwell added,

  14. Feel free to continue chatting, otherwise we will see you all again next week, same time, same hashtag 🙂

  15. By having plans that work whatever the problem, good process and well trained staff.

  16. Thank you for joining us tonight everyone, great , and an extra special thanks to

  17. ANewton retweeted Jim Katzaman

    Fine response. Can’t better that as a summary to T5

    ANewton added,

  18. that’s why simulation exercises are so good to test the team & test procedures

  19. What comprises effective crisis comms? Panic, fear, belief you shd act any differently than normal. Keep tight line; you’ll be OK

  20. important to also remember to look at the future. Must have a team looking at after the crisis

  21. A5 Successful crisis comm is based on a well-devised, well-tested plan, often updated and tested to meet myriad of crises.

  22. If an operational problem is causing a , fix the operational problem. Don’t the problem

  23. T5: Never forgetting your comms strengths. Ability to do fundamentals well under pressure a huge part of effective crisis comms

  24. Cyber is definitely growing. We have seen several attacks recently. Very tricky area.

  25. effective and quick decisions, honesty, sincerity and looking ahead to make amends and repair damage

  26. From to > A night of Twitter learning & conversation! Crisis Management would make a good topic

  27. Small topic then! Quick, timely, well informed, open, caring, compassionate and honest.

  28. I don’t agree is the cause of more crises, instead it’s changing how & how fast organisations respond

  29. There is always a lot of “This won’t happen to me” … until it does.

  30. yes! social media faux pas by staff on corporate accounts were topic of my MSc dissertation

  31. Reputation can definitely be enhanced if well managed.

    1. Tonight’s final topic already! What comprises effective crisis comms?


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  32. Worth mentioning the Crisis Management Conference on 15 Sep in London. Many leaders speaking on experiences.

  33. RT : T4: As we become more reliant on technology, a crisis can quickly develop if the tech goes wrong

  34. yet how many have a plan?

  35. ANewton retweeted Mary Whenman

    T4. Isn’t it concerning that ethics appear to be increasingly eroded? Are company values just a PR stunt?

    ANewton added,

  36. indeed – and once the original comment has snowballed it can be difficult to stop

  37. Gillian Neild retweeted Martin Deller

    Indeed – having an approach covering social media is essential

    Gillian Neild added,

  38. did a study which shows risk is the biggest risk concern (40%) in the boardroom

  39. Agreed. Focus must be kept on what matters. SocMed can be dangerous in the extreme.

  40. T4: As we become more reliant on technology, a crisis can quickly develop if the tech goes wrong

  41. people looking more for responsible orgs. If they feel lied to/ripped off they quickly let you know on social media

  42. T4. Method of comms & speed of reputational damage > SM management often overlooked: tone of voice, customer service focus

  43. Brittany Villegas retweeted ANewton

    I wholeheartedly agree with this.

    Brittany Villegas added,

  44. . T4: Social media slip ups and bad timed marketing campaigns seems to be coming up a lot!

  45. T4: People in lather re social media. Yes, an issue, but take Tim Hunt, hounded out by Twitter thugs when a word wd have sufficed

  46. Crises which are increasing are breaches, , plus is driving

  47. ()

  48. Really enjoying tonight. I have perversely realised I am missing the adrenalin fuelled issues management side of inhouse job.

  49. T4. Empathy seems to be badly lacking when dealing with colleagues, suppliers, clients, media > Values are often PR & not lived

  50. T4: More commonplace is a simple comment that, with social media/web, can quickly get blown out of proportion & become a crisis

  51. T4: As nature of comms changes, greater focus/exposure/risk on content the org is generating rather than external events

  52. Business can and leaders can but many leaders also fail catastrophically. Jobs at risk. Be prepared therefore!

  53. A4 Workplace violence is more commonplace as well as hacking.

  54. sarah mcghie retweeted Neil Cardwell

    So very very true & sadly many underestimate the importance ESP with colleagues.

    sarah mcghie added,

  55. True, it can be a time of opportunity as well as risk.

  56. MT : If badly handled, likely to be as/more damaging to than what originally caused it

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