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May 15, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on communications analytics with Cloud Media Insight and Integrasco

Last night on #CommsChat we delved into an exclusive piece of research, carried out by Communicate magazine and supported by Integrasco, one of the world’s leading specialists in social media monitoring and analytics, and by Cloud Media Insight, the research and evaluation firm.

The new survey asked communications professionals how they are using analytics and how they expect the methods to change in the future. The results were of particular significance, so we posed a number of the thought-provoking questions to our #CommsChat audience.

We were joined by Matthew West from Cloud Media Insight, who offered his own opinion of best practice.

Here is a selection of our top tweets of the evening:

@Cloudinsight: It’s more than just ‘hits’, it’s about reaching the target audience with the right messages #commschat

@EdwinAgboPR: #CommsChat pressure from businesses evaluating their investments in comms and PR. AVE’s are not the most accurate metrics for evaluation

@CatN101: Good to be able to prove ourselves in a way others understand but subtlies of some comms activity still need to be understood! #CommsChat

@aimee1986 I now make analytics a core part of any new project I take on, it helps win and retain business if you can demo results #CommsChat

@ukpublicom: educating clients when it comes to measuring is important #commschat

@NRCUK nobody owns “your brand” PR monitors reputation, social has big brand impact so monitoring social rarley has 1 owner/budget/roi #commschat

Please find the full transcript here: CommsChat14May

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