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July 24, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on CommsCopyright with Steve Kuncewicz and Lilach Bullock

Last night on #CommsChat, we marked the launch of CommsCopyright with a session looking at copyright and IP issues. We were joined by experts Steve Kuncewicz and Lilach Bullock, who discussed topics ranging from copyright infringement to Olympic regulations.

You can read a full transcript below, but here are some of the tweets that caught the eye during the hour’s chat:

@SteveKuncewicz: Sadly, the current system (bar creative commons) doesn’t support spontaneous collaboration too well.

@PRCA_UK: Integral part of PRCA qualifications RT @CommsChat Is copyright something that is included in comms qualifications now?

@lilachbullock consumers using copyright material on social media is free advertising

@digiconvs: Ordinary internet users may not have the commercial drive, so not sure if they’re at risk of copyright infringement

@MichWalkden: When does sharing become copyright issue? In a corporate sense sharing is about brand building and that’s a commercial interest

@SteveKuncewicz: Copyright law doesn’t take sharing into account – one of many reasons why it need updating for the 21st century

@IlexContent: But without protecting your sponsors how can you get them to pay that huge sums needed to host #olympics?

Here’s the full transcript: 23 July – Copyright

Details of next week’s #CommsChat coming soon – watch this space

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