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February 23, 2016 Transcript of #CommsChat on charity comms

Last night we chatted about communications in the third sector, and we were happy to be joined by Emma Wilson, senior communications officer at The Children’s Society. We spoke about the challenge of working with an often restricted budget, and we explored the importance of communications to charities and non-profits and the work that they do.

Here are some of the highlights:

  •  It’s really rewarding to help raise voices that otherwise may not be heard through the power of comms in the third sector.
  •  T1: important in various ways Can to build awareness and support around an issue, change perceptions and get leaders to act
  •  …charities rely on the public to do their work so keeping audiences engaged and inspiring new ones is critical.
  •   Charities don’t communicate just to talk about how they change the world: they communicate to make change happen
  •   after the story(campaign) success, budget will be increased & auto-approved.

Read the full conversation on the @CommsChat Storify feed.

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