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September 23, 2014 Transcript of #commschat on changing employee behaviour

Last week we were joined by chair for CIPR Inside @jenniwheller as we spoke about changing employee behaviour for better business in the run-up to the Annual Internal Communication Conference on 2 October. We discussed the challenges that internal communicators face including the difficulty of proving ROI to senior management.

  •  A good leader will take time to discover the culture, a bad one will try to impose their ideal!
  •  our internal coms team are my very close advisors on so many things. I really count on their judgement.
  •  research shows best and most trusted channel is face to face. Comms channels must integrate and support.
  •  you have to have a wide range of channels – face to face hard in global orgs
  •  Understanding employer brand can help bridge the gap between strategy and communications tactics

Read the whole conversation here:


  1. If you’ll be at the conference, I’ll see you there. For now, check back for transcript in the AM. Have a great week! G’nite all

  2. I’m signing off now, but feel free to carry on chatting about ! Many thanks to our many wonderful guests from

  3. I often see Managers focusing on completing short term actions at the expense of long term engagement

  4. true but often hard to do – like having a loud hailer in a sound proof room at times!

  5. interested in this. How do they expect their people to deliver things if IC is not high priority?

  6. Absolutely. Big culture change takes time and can be tough. Both small & large changes create great places to work.

  7. and yet we all know how terrible a lack of communications can feel, particularly around change

  8. Great to hear success stories! Important to take it further throughout org to reinforce the message

  9. A common problem for many IC depts Need to show our own successes to get the budgets and time to do more

  10. communication shouldn’t be incidental or accidental!!

  11. you have to be persistant and not take things too personally

  12. 5 min left in . Before we all sign off, don’t forget to book your place at the conference 2 Oct

  13. A common theme from our recent survey – seems to be a constant battle in many places

  14. : Hardest thing about IC can often be raising it highly enough within an organisation’s agenda ” TRUE THAT!

  15. has done this through a new intranet – helping brand values come alive

  16. Hardest thing about IC can often be raising it highly enough within an organisation’s agenda

  17. Just a few more minutes here on . Such interesting conversations going on!

  18. Orgs that focus on communicating their brand values through different channels see positive results

  19. Exactly – how you have an impact on biz obs and make a difference at work – more rewarding & engaging

  20. I think we all go through or have been through those changes – tough for IC

  21. We’ve tackled every ‘change’, from inviting staff to understand core business strategy to cleaning mugs at end of meetings…

  22. you often get that in a broken business. Front line know first and feel the pain.

  23. Agree, measure the action — engagement! I feel engagement indicates success

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