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June 19, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat on Brand Anarchy with Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl

Last night’s #CommsChat was a lively venture into Brand Anarchy, a book by Stephen Waddington (@wadds) and Steve Earl (@mynameisearl) on corporate reputation management.

Their account of how technological change is exposing communications sparked a number of vital comms questions and provoked a spirited debate on the following questions:

Can reputation ever truly be controlled?

The internet has killed spin forever. But is transparency is the only possibly form of sustainable organisational communication?

Traditional media is no longer an intermediary. Now there are all sorts of media, everywhere. What next?

Brands are under an intense spotlight. Markets want to talk. Is engagement optional anymore?

Has listening to customers and markets has become an important corporate communication function?

Are the marketing, media and public relations industries truly modernising?

Please find a selection of our top tweets from the evening below:

Maxim_PR: Difficult one – social media has made it an awful lot harder to control reputation, often blowing situations out of proportion. #commschat

WillOsborn: I think it can be controlled, just not as well as it once could be, and if you get caught then it will back fire. Is it worth it? #CommsChat

MichWalkden: #commschat Perhaps the trick is building and shaping thereputation that emerges and morphs online rather than trying to control it

mynameisearl: Spinning is exploitative distortion of information via mediathat you have by the throat. Today, it doesn’t work. #commschat

jane63c: Media will always go where it’s audiences are, new media still notreaching as far or as deeply as trad yet, long way to go? #Commschat

MGreer_PR: With changing media landscape & technology, greateropportunities will arise for PR to provide counsel & influence @ board level.

WillOsborn: Listening has always been important, but it’s becoming moreimportant that brands are seen to act on it #CommsChat

Please find the full transcript here: CommsChat18 june

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