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January 13, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat on brand ambassadors

This week we spoke about the brand ambassador and its power to either propel a company to dizzying heights, or to cause it to plummet through scandal or a poor fit with company culture. Here are some of the #commschat highlights:

  •  Brand ambassadors need to embody brand values totally. Needs to be authentic and real. Everyone can see through a pay cheque!
  •  brand ambassadors can help sell/raise awareness. Best examples when brand values align/there’s a good fit to product
  •   they have to look for commonalities between brand values, audience and KPI’s
  •  I think Brands have to be self-aware enough to understand themselves & then identify ambassadors who reflect that
  •  In my eyes a brand ambassador should be one for life! They still use/represent the brand no matter what

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