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January 13, 2015 Transcript of #commschat on brand amabassadors continued…


  1. I enjoyed .. Cheerio all 😉

  2. will be back next Monday, same time, same cyber space. Check back for topics!

  3. A5: Hopefully the brand has a succession plan in place 2 ensure tht equally powerful ambassadors r n place

  4. thanks everyone glad I caught some of

  5. That’s all from us, good night and thank you for your insights

  6. if the new brand is completely different to the initial brand the initial brand could benefit

  7. Not a lot … Is it better to have an ambassador that is true & they’re for the right reasons !

  8. the new brand may struggle to shake people’s old perceptions & associations

  9. T5) Own the change.e.g. act quickly to replace them and move the brand on

  10. Marilyn Monroe is my favourite example

  11. In my eyes a brand ambassador should be one for life! They still use/represent the brand no matter what

  12. find something positive in it – make it a step that you maximise

  13. Final q. of the night T5: What happens to the initial brand or product if a former ambassador moves on to a new brand?

  14. … What is a Lupita ? 😉

  15. The video: – great move I think!

  16. T4) (Cont.) Of course, an early decision doesn’t have to be final but doing something usually better than nothing

  17. …. Really I don’t follow either … I might in name of research only obvs

  18. Lupita did a clever Lancôme placement on Instagram for the

  19. The best social media ambassadors are real employees

  20. . T4) Make a fairly quick decision. The impact of an ambassador with reputational issues only worsens if they don’t

  21. I suppose it depends what and who – thinking of the recent football outrage

  22. … Can you name any non TVad advocates ? Social posts for example?

  23. Could the right brand, perhaps something like Levi’s, with a rebel image, get away with a scandalous celeb figure?

  24. T4 … The synic in me says it’s too late by then !

  25. yes it’s a fairly new one I think

  26. I’ve not seen that … Is it on at the mo?

  27. Leading on from that… T4: How should a company deal with a brand ambassador that has reputational issues?

  28. I forgot about that … That was odd … Where are we on Mr Clooney & coffee?

  29. that was really odd – not the best role model!

  30. Johnny Vegas has never personified a relaxing cup of tea to me

  31. Alicia Keys Blackberry – why oh why!

  32. I always found the iggy pop/car insurance ads very disquieting…

  33. I wonder if anyone can think of a more odd combination?

  34. a poor ambassador could potentially alienate the customer, loose trust, impact reputation or alter the brand’s values

  35. T3) Ambassadors a way in which some consumers will decide integrity / trustworthiness of a brand. Bad choices = bad perceptions

  36. yeah that was him …I always thought that was odd … Despite the obvious Brit ties

  37. haha great analogy

  38. John Lydon?

  39. Disagree in Kerry Katona/Iceland relationship. She embodies brand. Like Michael O’Leary Ryanair. Can’t put lipstick on a pig

  40. yes and lots of others over the years

  41. … Who was that punk who did the butter ad?

  42. Decline in trust and reputation brand. No point using ambassador just for column inches. Spin is dead

  43. recent example: Lance Armstrong

  44. T3 … You lose credibility and trust … A lot of branding on and offline nowadays is built on trust

  45. Agree. It needs to be perceived as real too.

  46. Kerry Katona seemed to cheapen the brand, can’t believe that’s what they would have wanted

  47. like many there have been things go wrong – like when one gets arrested!!

  48. Horrible isn’t it? And I don’t mean the prawn ring 😉

  49. Third topic: T3: What is the impact of a poor choice of brand ambassador?

  50. I don’t know anyone who believed any of the Iceland attempts at celebrity advocacy

  51. It’s a valuable tool but, to me, just one of a suite that can be used, alongside market research, consumer data etc

  52. great example! What a cringeworthy ad

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