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June 12, 2012 Transcript of #Commschat on blogger relations

Last night saw an animated #Commschat with Emily Leary, the comms consultant who was one of the original founders of #CommsChat. Emily’s presence caused much excitement among fellow tweeters, and her expertise shed light on the relatively new concept of blogger relations.

A large number of comms professionals and bloggers joined us in dissecting the vital form of communication.

The topics included:

  • Blogger relations is a relatively new concept – what teething problems do you experience, and how does it compare to traditional PR?
  • Do bloggers play second fiddle to ‘old media’ in the eyes of agencies?
  • Are bloggers expected to work to the same ethical code that journalists are supposedly held to?
  • Is there a need for a blogger code – like the unofficial ‘Blogging with Integrity’ commitment?
  • How would you, as members of the comms industry, react to agencies asking bloggers to conceal a paid relationship?
  • Would the bloggers here tonight like to share any experiences / pose any questions to the comms folk present?

Please find a selection of our top tweets from the evening below:

sabrinajohnson @HelenMoore Blogging is learning. We’re not journalists or trained at it. It’s important to watch us bloggers as we develop too. #CommsChat

may_belater @EmLeary It’s such a new industry. Good product can suffer from one popular bloggers bad experience, and vice versa #commschat

AdamFairclough @EmLeary PRs are putting way too high a price on blogger relations. Media relations always trumps bloggers. It always will. #commschat

Melaina25 @EmLeary think bloggers should be ethical yes. Disclosure & honesty is key #commschat

EmLeary I see PRs and SEOs taking very different approaches to blogger relations and much of the ethical issues arising with the latter #commschat

@CMRLee: @EmLeary #commschat Ethically and (I believe) legally, bloggers should disclose an interest. PR has no right to ask to conceal

Please find the full transcript of last night’s #Commschat here: CommsChat 11 June

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