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March 31, 2015 Transcript of #CommsChat and the ‘Digital Renaissance’ communicator

Last night #CommsChat was guest hosted by Elizabeth Marsh, director of research at Digital Workplace Group (DWP). Elizabeth Marsh is the co-author of The Digital Renaissance of Work, she discussed this concept and its affect on the communicator.

Read the highlights here:

  •  I guess a ‘digital renaissance’ communicator is probably the kind of person who joins – seeing new possibilities to connect 🙂
  •  Digital channels are great for two way engagement. Shouldn’t assume all employees are hooked into latest platforms though 
  •  T2: Employees have a voice and can post their own content/stories making it far more authentic
  •   it gives staff a voice and allows two way communication in an open and transparent way
  •   it’s no longer the most senior voice that gets listened to, it’s the most interesting and convincing
  •   I don’t think Digital gives all employees a voice. In fact it probably alienates some


Great e.g. authentic IC: RT: “we used digital to involve staff in action plan for office using conversation to shape it”


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