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March 25, 2015 Transcript of Advertising Week Europe B2B Forum #CommsChat

Last week we were inspired by the topics and speakers at Advertising Week Europe’s B2B Forum and were joined by Jon Lombardo from LinkedIn, one of the companies represented at the forum on Tuesday 24 March.

Read the #CommsChat highlights:

  •  1b/ We believe the worldwide market to be north of $50 billion for B2B, so expect continued growth.
  •  Hi all! I’m a pro from across the sea– based out of Michigan, U.S. Excited to hear abt B2B Marketing!
  •  1d/ All in all, expect to see B2B trends follow B2C trends and dollars to move online quickly.
  •  T3: Some obvious pointers: 1. Be relevant 2. Be personal 3. Be responsive 4. Don’t be boring 5. Ditch the stock pics!
  •   4a/ Yes, content will fuel B2B marketing because people don’t buy your products/services, they buy your perspective.
  •   The lines blurring now though I think. Especially as most content is consumed out of office hours so mixed with fun

Read the rest of the #CommsChat:


Let’s move to topic 4 and presumably you’re covering this tomorrow in your session at AdWeek

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