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August 21, 2012 Transcript of 20 August #CommsChat: Getting it wrong [and right?]

Last night’s #CommsChat looked at some of 2012’s communications missteps and successes. You can read a full transcript below, but here are some of the tweets that caught the eye during the hour’s chat:


@mynewsdesk_UK Top tip for aspiring presidents: learn to spell the name of your country:

@digiconvs What one would expect from brands is a bit of understanding & understanding is not far from common sense.

@Maxim_PR Sadly PR has quite a bad name. Thought of as spinmasters and aligned with those we love to hate – bankers, traffic wardens etc

@Maxim_PR @LiamFurther can imagine sitting around a table thinking ‘yeah, that could work’. Then seeing it play out and massively backfiring

@robertogage An equaliser. The Budget. Granny tax and leaks before budget day.


Here’s the full transcript: 20 August #CommsChat

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