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October 3, 2011 #Commschat with Samaritans and Vodafone UK

This week on #CommsChat we’re looking at how two quite different organisations are working with Facebook. Nicola Peckett, head of communications for Samaritans, and Jakub Hrabovsky, head of web relations for Vodafone UK, will be our guest hosts.

Both Nicola and Jakub will explain the individual work their organisations are doing with Facebook, before going on to tackle the following topics:

– How can charities use Facebook to communicate with otherwise hard-to-reach audiences?
– How are brands aligning themselves with charities through social media?
– Can the reach provided by Facebook be replicated on other social media platforms?
– How can organisations expand the engagement opportunities on Facebook beyond a ‘Like’?

#CommsChat takes place on Monday evenings at 8pm BST, right here on the CommsChat website. A transcript will go up shortly after the session.

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