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May 2, 2012 Transcript of #CommsChat with Richard Robinson on B2B Marketing

This week on #CommsChat we were joined by Richard Robinson, head of retail and B2B markets and Google, and who sits on the marketing council of the IDM B2B Marketing Conference, to discuss B2B research – best practice techniques, trends, and predictions for the future.

You can get a full transcript below, but here are few of the tweets that caught our eye:

@RobinsonRG: If you have local marketers then make sure you are using their skills. Don’t use purely for implementing centralized campaigns #commschat

@BryanFoss: @RobinsonRG #commschat When you write T&Cs its important to highlight which country’s legal system is referred to, for later case claims etc

@LisaHutt: #CommsChat Should companies use their HQ Facebook page or have their own local language version?

@debbiemwilliams: #CommsChat #idmb2b Don’t forget – leverage the knowledge of integrated marketing agencies re international responses to different mediums

@jennycub: Its combination of traditional methods and real-time tehniques that is the future of researching for B2B marketing. #Commschat

@Communicatemag: Whilst, obviously , markets are different, do we exaggerate them? An audience is an audience, a customer a customer? #Commschat

Read the transcript at: 30 April

The next #CommsChat will be on 14 May – see you then!


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