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April 26, 2012 #CommsChat with Richard Robinson from Google on B2B marketing

At #CommsChat, we’re always keen to hear from the experts on topics that aren’t being covered thoroughly elsewhere. The question of B2B marketing is one of those topics – and as international businesses adjust their thinking to focus on transparency and authenticity, how should marketing adjust?

This coming Monday on #CommsChat, we’re delighted to have Richard Robinson, head of retail and B2B Markets at Google, and a member of the IDM B2B Marketing Council, joining us. Ahead of the 9th IDM B2B Marketing Conference on 24 May, we’re going to be thinking about marketing between businesses, and the best approach to researching your markets.

Topics for the chat will include:

  • What are the best b2b research techniques to quickly understand the dynamics of different international markets?
  • Where do you go to to learn more about cultural, behavioural and attitudinal differences?
  • Integrated marketing is best practise, but how do you know which countries respond to different mediums due to cultural and behavioural differences in order to maximise ROI?
  • What is the impact of translating copy vs leaving it in English as the universal business language?
  • Is on the ground presence really necessary? What benefits does this bring?

#CommsChat will take place at 8pm UK time on Monday 30 April, and will last for about an hour, with a transcript going up on the site the next day. To take part, simply go to or include the #commschat hashtag in your tweets.

To book for the IDM B2B Marketing Conference, go here.

Richard Robinson has spent almost 15 years assisting companies in the development and implementation of effective go-to-market strategies. Prior to Google, Richard was VP at IDC, where he led its consulting and marketing services business in Europe. Richard also led the client services division of IDG’s International team based in EMEA.


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