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January 20, 2012 #CommsChat with Phil Mohr on social CRM

For #CommsChat on Monday 23 January, we’re delighted to welcome Phil Mohr from Comufy to discuss social CRM and the switch from broadcast to personal messaging.

For an hour on Monday, we’re going to explore the idea of social CRM. Topics up for debate will include:

1) how do you define CRM in a social media context?
2) do we agree with the perception that social media is a breakthrough in allowing 1:1 relationships between individual consumers and brands?
3) Are brands living up to the personal communication promise?
4) is CRM required to truly communicate on a 1:1 basis?
5) how can a company achieve this personal relationship (especially with changing community managers)?


#CommsChat will last an hour, from 8-9pm Monday (UK time). Take part right here on the CommsChat site, or by tagging your tweets with the #CommsChat hashtag. A transcript will go up on Tuesday morning.

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