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November 18, 2011 #CommsChat with Michael Litman and Paul Sutton on Google+ for brands and businesses

The recent launch of Google+ Pages for brands and businesses has starkly divided opinion across the communications industry. Should brands leap onto this new social media platform? Or should they wait until its comms possibilities are proven?

On Monday 21 November, we’re hosting a #CommsChat session with Paul Sutton and Michael Litman. Michael will be arguing in favour of Google+, while Paul counsels that there’s no need for businesses to rush to establish their presence.

#CommsChat is reverting to its usual time of 8pm (UK time), and will last for an hour. Take part right here, or by using the hashtag #CommsChat. Topics covered on Monday will include:

–          Is Google+ just another social media fad?

–          What’s the best approach to building your Google+ Page?

–          How can you make the functionality of Google+ work for your business?

–          What about Google’s history of launching projects then fading them out when they don’t take off –eg Google Buzz?

–          What have you seen that’s impressed you so far on Google+ Pages?

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