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March 19, 2012 #CommsChat with Lee Smallwood on SEO, 26 March

Unfortunately, on 19 March there was a glitch in the system when we tried to have our discussion with Lee Smallwood on SEO. We’re going to try again this coming Monday, 26 March, and hopefully Twitter will be in full working order…

Tonight on #CommsChat, we’re delighted to have Lee Smallwood joining us from 8pm. Lee is an SEO, PPC and media consultant with search and social specialists Digi Communications, and he’ll be discussing how search engine optimisation is changing with the #CommsChat crowd.

Lee believes that Google’s recent algorithm changes are greatly refining search – he’s blogged about that recently, and you can read his thoughts here.

Topics for tonight’s chat will include:

– What are your most crucial tools for SEO?

– What will be the biggest change to come out of Google’s recent algorithm shake-up?

– Matt Cutts announced recently that Google is working on a penalty for ‘over-optimization’ – do you think this will materialise? How can you avoid being penalised?

– Is it still important to pay attention to SEO for other engines?

– How does the future of SEO look? And how closely is it related to the semantic web?

#CommsChat takes place from 8pm, just use the hashtag to take part. A transcript will go up tomorrow morning.

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