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November 15, 2019 #CommsChat on the aftermath of the Prince Andrew Newsnight interview

Prince Andrew’s interview for Newsnight last week has been described as “nuclear explosion level bad”. The backlash continues today with royal commentators, politicians, campaigners and the general public castigating him for what he said and how he said it. This week CommsChat asks: what damage limitation can and should be done now? We will be joined tonight by expert commentator Richard Fitzwilliams @rfitzwilliams and crisis comms specialist @RodCartwright.

• Is this a classic case of a high profile individual not heeding expert advice?
• What should Prince Andrew have done differently? Should he have done the interview at all?
• How would you have prepared him for it if you were his head of comms?
• What can be done to repair some of the damage done by the interview?
• What would you advise him to do now?

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