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February 24, 2014 #CommsChat on tech buyouts

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the massive $19bn deal – equivalent to the GDP of Afghanistan – between Facebook and WhatsApp last week. This is just the most recent in a spate of high-profile buy-outs affecting Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo and nearly every other household name in social media. This week, on #CommsChat, we’ll examine the efficacy and impact of these deals. Topics:

  • Was WhatsApp worth $19bn? Was tumblr worth $1.1bn?
  • What can Facebook hope to gain in terms of revenue from WhatsApp (or Instagram)?
  • What can it gain in terms of brand and presence?
  • What are the benefits to a social media company from expanding in such a way?
  • What could go wrong?
  • Would you suggest a contracting of the social media world through similar deals in future?

Join us! We tweet from @CommsChat and #CommsChat takes place from 8-9pm UK time – for worldwide times, go here. Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply follow the hashtag here or on Twitter. If you can’t make the chat or would like to revisit it, a transcript will go up on Tuesday morning.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #CommsChat – get in touch with Brittany by email or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.

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