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December 4, 2012 CommsChat on content marketing with Rob Bonn

This week,  Rob Bonn from Seven was a guest on CommsChat. Seven was the Grand Prix winner at the International Content Marketing Association Awards on 28 November. We discussed content marketing, branding and the future of the industry. Some highlights are below, followed by a full transcript of the hour.

@mynewsdesk_uk Quality rather than quantity (hopefully), but the key with content is knowing why you are creating it. What will it do for you?

@redluker Creating content is now all about personalisation and relevance – the audience has the power

@robonn maybe people now appreciate the difference between copy and content, particularly now the multi-channel-ness is assumed

@aimee1986 think/research about the problems your stakeholders/customers/employees face each day then answer them with great content

@mynewsdesk_uk “Content marketing” is a funny one as all marketing involves content! But term has come to refer to a set of tools and tactics.


The full hour:

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