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March 4, 2015 Brand language and corporate tone of voice #CommsChat transcript

This week we spoke about the impact a brand’s use of language can have in the shaping and development of its entire identity. We were joined by industry experts @VerbId

Read the highlights here:

  • For me, a company’s brand starts with its people. So getting culture aligned to brand and values is vital first step
  • it has to start with internal engagement..staff need to get your brand because they are your brand with every contact
  • corporate has never been less in-vogue as now. Scramble to get social right.
  • T4: social media’s had a noticeable impact on how many orgs communicate with their customers, public and private sector
  • Yes, exactly. In words, visuals, behaviour, experience, it all needs to be consistent : … It’s the brand’s personality

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