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October 12, 2011 Midweek #CommsChat on digital media and business, with Scott Gould

This Wednesday’s #CommsChat, with LikeMinds co-founder Scott Gould, will focus on the opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses provided by digital and social media.

Midweek #CommsChats take place at 2pm, and last just 40 minutes. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the comms issues of the day. The annual LikeMinds conference, taking place in Exeter next week, is a three day event looking at how digital techniques are changing the face of business.

Topics to be discussed on Wednesday’s #CommsChat include:

–          The pressure digital media exerts on practitioners to be “experts”

–          Is the digital riptide going the way we expect? Isn’t there a divide between the expectation of openness and the success of those who practise a more secure approach?

–          Are the people working for an organisation more valuable than its parts?

–          How can you use digital to help make the case for digital?

#Commschat will take place at 2pm today, right here on the CommsChat site: A transcript will be available shortly afterwards.

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