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July 2, 2012 Wikipedia – should we or shouldn’t we (edit)?

Last week the Wikipedia guidance on how public relations professionals should use the site was launched. The guidance, co-developed by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Wikimedia, has been welcomed by many, but for others it’s still a contentious area. Fortunately it’s only the first draft, so this week’s CommsChat continues the debate.

In the  guest seat this week is Philip Sheldrake, author, partner of Meanwhile and director of Intellect and 6UK, who sat on the CIPR Social Media panel that helped develop the guidance notes.

The topics we’ll cover on tonight’s CommsChat will include:

  • Is there anything intrinsically wrong in allowing PROs to edit wikipedia pages?
  • Does the number of inaccuracies on corporate wikipedia pages mean that it is no longer fit for purpose?
  • Has the historical hostility between Wikipedia and PR led to an irrevocable breakdown between the two camps?
  • How can the PR industry rebuild relations with Wikipedians?
  • What are the CIPR guidelines and are they the complete solution?
  • What recourse should PROs have if changes don’t get made?

CommsChat starts at 8. Follow and participate from this site, from Tweetchat, or from your twitter platform of choice.


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