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August 14, 2012 Transcript of post-olympics #commschat 13 August: This is for everyone?

Last night’s #CommsChat was our first back from the Olympics. We covered brand sponsorship, the impact of the Socialympics and took a look at what is expected from social media in Rio 2016.

We were joined by James Endersby from Opinium (@OpiniumResearch), Tony Burgess-Webb from Sociagility (@tbw1) and Wendy Hein from Birkbeck College (@HeinWendy)

Here are some compelling tweets:

@OpiniumResearch: Loved BA telling us not to fly…support Team GB. Fantastic campaign.

@Maxim_PR Preferred the non-sponsors’ comms efforts to those who paid millions to be there. Lots made us laugh e.g. Paddy Power.

@HeinWendy Seeing empty seats and London as a ghost town in some parts probably did not help. There could be sense of local ‘legacy’ now.

@OpiniumResearch What about Chad’s Dad? Hero!

@digiconvs People watch TV, but interact via their mobile devices with the outside world from home.

@HeinWendy I’m curious, is there any brand player that did not benefit from #Olympic association? Official or not (a la Paddy Power)?

@tbw1 @digiconvs Erm, not a ‘mom’ but they were tops on our London 2012 social performance scoreboard 4 months ago and they stayed high

And the full transcript: 13 August – Olympics commschat

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